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Purpose is power. And with us, it’s baked in.

We challenge and disrupt the notion that purpose is simply a virtue signal or a box-ticking add-on. When you embed it in your brand strategy, it drives everything you do, gives the people you serve a compelling reason to trust you – and helps make the world better.


DEFY was formed from a passion for doing the right thing, for kindness and stewardship to be woven into business. We’re a collective of visionary strategists, talented creatives and brand partners who want to inspire others to work for the better and make a positive contribution, so we always practice what we preach. 

We exist to design positive change in the world, encouraging conscious commerce!

We show how purpose can be powerful & help your brand be a force for good.

We’re here to help you unlock the value in sustainability and social purpose for your brand.


How? By helping you navigate the purpose economy and designing a powerful brand that positively contributes to society. All while (of course) expertly helping your brand fuel sustainable growth and nurture conscious consumerism. 

to society and our planet.

Brands that make a positive impact are in demand for all the right reasons.


They distinctively stand out from the crowd and drive the right sustained value creation in this era of disruption.


We’ll help your brand build its social value, whether that’s in sustainability, inclusivity or addressing social inequality.

to your consumers every day.

Good, purposeful design sparks conversations and compels consumers to pay attention.


Through creating meaningful strategies that elicit emotion, to memorable branding, we’ll make sure you connect with the people you serve in the most effective way possible.

Designing brands that mean more

1% of our sales goes to non-profit organisations.

As part of our commitment to 1% for the Planet, we give 1% of our total sales to support the Fairtrade Foundation. We’re supporting, building and activating an alliance of businesses committed to creating a healthy planet. 

DEFY Brands is a certified Women Owned Business.

We’re a diverse women-owned business that inspires innovation to further the successes of women’s businesses. We’re creating opportunities for female entrepreneurs to pioneer 'design excellence' in our industry.

Together we rise to meet the UN’s 17 SDGs.

We foster partnerships for the goals to help the world improve health and education, reduce inequality and spur economic growth while tackling climate change and protecting our planet to achieve a sustainable future for all.

Brand Unlock ™

Our in-depth research and analysis will help your business unlock its purposeful potential to fuel growth.

Brand Strategy

We’ll work with you to identify the contribution and impact your brand can make to the lives of others.

Brand expression

Defining how your brand expresses itself is vital, so we’ll develop personality principles that inform everything from creative to naming, tone of voice and copy.


Our strategists and creatives will shape how consumers authentically experience your brand.

Visual Identity

Your visual identity sets you apart from the crowd; we’ll create memorable, distinctive and meaningful brand visual assets.

Packaging Design

Designing your brand world touchpoints that consistently stand out and disrupt the category.

Brand Guardianship

We’ll ensure your purpose and vision are distinctly you in everything you do for as long as you need us to support you collaboratively.

Here's how we’ll help you make a positive impact.

We deliver a range of proven FMCG branding expertise to empower you in the ever-growing purpose-led economy. We’d love to see how we can help you – so get in touch and let’s chat.

Get in touch 

We’re future-forward.

Everything we do should play a part in innovating for the future and advancing humanity. So we’re always looking for new ways to harness new thinking, technology and strategies to inspire ourselves and others to take action.

Humanity and eco-stewardship drive us.

We respect our planet and all fellow humans. We support, care for and champion people and aim to have only a positive impact on the environment. Ethics, transparency and old-fashioned kindness are always our thing.

Shaped by shared values and purpose.

We only work with clients who genuinely believe in positively contributing to society and making everyday life better for everyone. Our clients include global industry shapers, retailers and startups all looking to create positive change.

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