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We create brands that do good on every level, from defining sustainable strategies for a better tomorrow to tackling diversity & inclusion and empowering individual self-expression.

Create better with us & let’s build a brand that means much more.

We’ve created purposeful brands for all kinds of clients, from startups to leading FMCG companies and independent retailers – helping our client's businesses engage audiences and grow. There’s no niche we can’t tailor to.

Here’s a taster of our recent work… get in touch to find out more.

We designed a category-shaking brand for a new way of eating… 3D-printed meat

Redefine Meat™ is a global food tech company with one sustainable goal: to serve the world better meat. And by ‘better’ meat, they mean plant-based.


So, when they asked us to help them build the world’s largest meat company, placing their incredible innovation on as many dinner plates as possible and redefining restaurant menus worldwide – we met the challenge.

It’s ‘a whole different animal’

Redefine Meat™ is a ‘whole different animal’ to other plant-based brands.


Having collaborated with the world’s most respected butchers, meat experts and chefs, they’ve pioneered proprietary, cutting-edge 3D technology with material science and artificial intelligence to make New Meat™ indistinguishable from actual meat.


And it really is; New Meat™ perfectly emulates the entire organoleptic sensory experience of eating meat, from its look, to texture and taste.

Turning the industry upside down

Redefine Meat™ asked us to help them create a global meat brand – challenging carnivores and flexitarians to rethink their meat consumption for environmental and animal welfare concerns.


We knew that many meat-eaters wanted to eat in a better way but didn’t want to compromise on the experience of eating meat.

So, New Meat™ is positioned as precisely the same, entirely different, to help change how we eat and not what we eat.

Designing a brand that behaves differently

Rather than creating a brand that behaves like other plant-based products, we used the visual language of meat, focussing on the sensory look and feel of the product to place it alongside meat in our end-consumers' minds.


We developed the brand’s portfolio architecture to navigate distinctive product stories for a diverse variety and choices of whole cut meats.


This included distinct solutions for their two main markets: chefs and kitchen operators in foodservice and retail consumers.

Authentic creative with real meat authority

Inspired by our client’s vision and values, the ‘less is more’ creative idea puts meat at the forefront of the brand story. The distinctive brand logo takes its cue from ‘a whole different animal’, and the photography is clean, natural and single-minded.


The retail products are mouth-wateringly captured on kitchen utensils, while for foodservice, the utensils are sketched, nodding towards the chef’s creativity to satisfy their meat guests and diners.

Discover how we’ve engaged consumers authentically in new markets with stories of real impact.

When our retail client was launched a new tea brand, we defined a portfolio architecture that let consumers navigate ranges through new conversations. We built them a tea brand around their ethical foundations and practices. 


The branding helped deliver authentic provenance stories that showed both their commitment to working ethically and to helping deliver sustained economic growth for tea farmers and their communities. 

Get in touch for more and see how we can unlock the potential of purpose for you 

See how we’ve helped empower women and girls to look and feel their best.

By understanding the needs and lifestyles of women and girls today, we’ve helped brands innovate and break into health and beauty categories. 


By creating a positioning that empowers women and girls to look and feel good, our client solutions have positively uplifted and celebrated women through the power of individual self-expression.

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We’ll show you how we’ve addressed the impact of climate change as one of the most pressing priorities for our clients. 

We’ve helped outline an attainable vision of pioneering sustainable food productions that create better food stories for tomorrow.


With a defined and developed sustainable food strategy, our clients have been able to deliver their commitment to protecting life on land and below water – with transformational change from responsible sourcing and practices to protect the future of food. 


Get in touch for more and let’s chat about your sustainability goals 

Demystifying the sport of cycling; find out how we’ve encouraged greater racial awareness and gender identity amongst communities to change the face of the sport.  

Recognising the problems with race, diversity and gender identity or sexuality, we’ve tackled challenges at the grassroots to transform the profile of underrepresented sections of society.

To make a change, you have to be the change to welcome cyclists of all backgrounds. We’ve created a diverse community platform positioning that promotes visibility, accessibility, and inclusiveness - shaping conversations that encourage and serve a sport that is truly reflective of the society we live in.


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Impact achieved:

This disruptive new food brand has recently secured $135m in funding - the largest amount to date for an alternative meat company.

They’re in more than 200 restaurants across Israel, the UK, the Netherlands and Germany, with top names such as Marco Pierre White, Ron Blaauw and Joachim Gerner serving New Meat™ on their menus.

Plus, their retail products have recently launched in Israel, with a presence in Europe expected later in 2022, before entering other regions around the world… watch this space.

Branding // Brand strategy // Portfolio architecture // Visual identity // Packaging design // Brand guidelines

“DEFY have created the perfect solution helping us future proof our vision to become the world’s largest meat company.

The journey from unlocking our potential to the discovery and insights from an intense global audit all led to creating a distinctive identity that’s precisely on brand.

I’d recommend DEFY for their expertise, approach, agility and sustaining their value as brand partners.”

Omer Fruchter, Director of Product Management

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