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In a world where we've all been spending more time indoors, we've seen a rise in brands curating innovative experiences which are designed to be enjoyed from the comfort of our own homes. Lockdown has challenged marketers to creatively reassess and reflect on their strategies, permitting brands to create effective but relevant brand experiences for their audiences.


Coupled with a shift in consumer behaviour and the rise of public consciousness, brands are seeking to create better products that heighten the in-home experience and highlight their more conscious approach.

Bringing the new world of wine directly to consumers

The new M&S 'Found' wine collection is an example that improves the consumer experience. Championing rare and unique wines from less-known regions, M&S invites consumers to try new grape varieties (such as Roditis, Mauzac and Fetească Regală) and discover unique, personal stories from unexpected rare producers.


By encouraging consumers to join in the conversation, learn something new and become wine experts from the convenience of their own homes, they have created a unique experience that perfectly matches the mood of the time.

Prioritising sustainability for better engagement

Not only does the Found collection encourage a more positive brand experience, but it also engages with how consumers are feeling and what they care about.


M&S is one of the first retailers in the UK to sell wine produced from vines that have been pre-treated with a Covid-19 preventative and choose to work with more wineries with advanced sustainable credentials. The brand can meaningfully engage with consumers while designing ranges to suit a more sustainable lifestyle by curating a vast range of vegan wines.

A fresh approach to an ancient product

Wine has always been a story of craft. Building rich narratives around the region of origin have long been a successful way to engage with consumers, with packaging design using iconic visual codes to aid recognition. We all value real-world experiences, and M&S has successfully taken the experience directly to the consumer, building a meaningful and emotional connection.


By taking a product we've enjoyed for thousands of years and creating an inclusive and engaging new appeal, they've produced a genuine brand experience. Encouraging consumers to discover new places and their stories shows how authenticity and origin are key to curating unique stories for tomorrow's brands.


Tomorrow begins today

The future has been shifted abruptly into focus by the pandemic. Understanding the new moment of truth as more time is spent at home means we have to consider the mindset of our consumers and the value that experience offers them for brands to remain relevant tomorrow.

At DEFY//, passion has brought us together to turn good ideas into exceptionally executed purposeful brand experiences that empower the next generation of brands. We disrupt and transform ambitious brands that shake the earth for a better future.

Are you a sustainable brand that would like to challenge the boundaries of your category and create a positive sense of discovery for your audience? Get in touch with us at DEFY// and let us help you create a brand that thrives within the change you'll soon create.

Unearthing a path of discovery to shift brand interactions

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