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With current circumstances resetting behaviours, shifting consumer purchases and attitudes becoming more mindful of our health, consumers are looking to imbue their lifestyles with the same positive, healthy inputs we want to give out. Right now, we are seeing a rise in brands that are tapping into this wellness trend and working to produce better emotional and mental health solutions.

Consumers are looking for products that aid their newfound lifestyles, solutions that fit harmoniously with this healthy living. Through innovation, these brands are addressing the needs and interests of today, forming foundations for better, healthier experiences that project an emotional and mental haven for consumers everywhere.

Restoring our health one brand at a time

Amongst all these mindful choice brands, you'll find at their core a strong desire to make this 'better tomorrow' a reality for everyone. Every feature of their products, from its story of origin to the functional ingredients, right down to the visual identity, encourages consumers to care for their mental and emotional health.

Neurox has just launched a range of vitamin drinks made from natural ingredients. Its simple concept of functional formulations captures the daily consumption of essential vitamins we all need. This includes vitamin D, which is linked to reduced levels of low moods and risk of depression, and Vitamin C, which has been found to help with feelings of fatigue or burn-out. Neurox has captured healthy consumption through a vegetable-dense drink, with emotional wellbeing at the heart of their development.

Similar developments are being made in brands such as Sunwink, Proceanis, and EauLab, as companies across the board are leveraging science and nature to create positive mental and physical changes. From plant-powered drinks full of superfoods to drinks full of vitality from the inside out, making effective changes internally within the body increasingly highlights the restoration our mental health requires.

A product of its time, with everything we have been through and the overwhelming feeling of trying to find our ways through these chaotic times, Moment saw an opportunity to provide consumers with a way to 'drink their meditation'. Their all-natural superfood drinks contain adaptogens to increase alpha brainwaves – a process found in meditation. This demonstrates the long-term shift towards food science, encouraging better holistic health practices.

These brands are just some of many that have effectively caught on to the changing consumer market. Their realisation has allowed them to produce revitalised experiences that capture the necessity of mental and emotional health.

Consuming to broaden mindful practices

With Moment's ingenious products, consumers everywhere can 'unfrazzle their minds and feel renewed', consuming to broaden their mindful practices. Helping consumers through the process of creating new rituals, these brands have been a significant part of the development of healthier lifestyles, rebalancing the body and mind and playing a major role in physical and mental transformations. The rise of functional ingredients will continue to aid efficacy and rebalance the state of mind and body.

Consumers don't want just to think your product is healthy - they need to know it and feel it. They need to see within your product the solutions to their mental and emotional health needs. Every aspect of the brand needs to point them right back to a fundamental boost in their overall health. We get one step closer to that 'better tomorrow' whenever brands can provide them with this.

Building a better future

Does your brand want to be a part of this 'tomorrow'? Do you envision a world where your brand mindfully elevates the lives of consumers? If this is you, then get in touch with us at DEFY//. We don't just follow the crowd; we help ambitious brands that shake the earth for a better future.

The new value needs of mental and emotional health

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