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What started as a hashtag in late 2017, #metoo created a phenomenal movement encouraging women worldwide to reclaim their bodies, forming a new climate for conversations about wellness raising awareness of female health issues.


The many surreptitious areas of women's health, from periods to fertility to menopause, including conditions like endometriosis and PCOS once shrouded in shame, are fading away. The industry has excelled and propagated with innovative solutions such as period pants to digital options for reproductive and gynaecological health, consciously centred around intelligent self-care.


Presenting a seismic shift of empowerment, it's no coincidence it's women at the forefront pioneering innovation geared towards the unmet needs of women. Fementrepreneurs are highlighting how women's health is underserved for those seeking to take control and deepen the self-knowledge of their bodies.

Brave new world of fem wellness

Recognising the growing consumer-led trend, a new wave of femfood will emerge in this ever-increasing wellbeing space, bringing attention to under-researched areas of feminine health and decoding food as medicine, accessible and convenient to all women to drive change in their health. 


Through a brand-lens approach, FMCGs need to create a world that embraces the consumer at the core with purpose and values that empower and improve women's lives. Consumables made from the knowledge of women's needs, redefining how we take control of caring for ourselves, empower women to feel confident and be ourselves at our highest power yet.


Brands will need to be poised to take the lead through the knowledge of ancient wisdom combined with modern research to create a new health frontier of natural remedies to support unique bodies and minds. Science will meet passion providing effective treatments that listen to our bodies, healing the future of women's health for renewed energy and optimism.

Personalised and tailored for the female body, supporting women of all ages, the opportunities are plentiful to create food in a new way that nourishes and heals you through different moments in your life.

Unknowingly not knowing how depleted you are of the nutrients your body needs to thrive, femfood can help replenish and modulate you at the right time, bringing your body back to balance with a better impact on recovery.


Empowering positive conversations 


Today's narratives are much more positive and open, embracing the most natural things women go through on the planet. Tackling health problems holistically from the inside out starts with better access to education, knowing what is happening with your body. 


A cohort of next-generation brands is leading the way in celebrating identities, helping women not feel neglected and ignored with many who disappear and feel invisible but understand their health better, respecting nature and wisdom healing within.

Community platforms as an eco-system of products, tools and services around whole health are rising with women empowered to ask questions, find out more information, be motivated to share their personal journeys and be inspired to create dialogues that demonise health issues with much more confidence, trust and advocacy around them.


The new fem codes


Consumers are increasingly looking to tread lightly on the environment whilst showing their insides some love. Misleading and inadequate information from pharmaceutical solutions is shifting behaviours towards transparent companions. Audiences are looking for peace of mind from knowing and owning what they put inside their bodies to understanding how it benefits their body. 

No longer does one size fit all; our wondrous bodies are shifting with life. Recontextualising the language to reframe and empower women to unapologetically find their balance from individual wellness will give women's health the accessible focus it deserves. 


The visual design has to clearly communicate its positioning through distinctive brand assets that aid its products to stand apart on the shelf amongst its competition – a design strategy which


▷ Authentically conjures a calming appeal that recalibrates to shine within.

▷ Delivers the efficacy and health attributes through recognisable design codes.

▷ Emphasises the clarity and benefits of ingredients to demonstrate transparency and authenticity. 

▷ Aesthetically present a creative product story. 

▷ 'With less is more' compelling claims will land more impact. 

▷ Physiology of colour aligns with the mood and a feeling that evoke uplifting emotions.

▷ Naturally harnesses eco-friendly packaging.

Women health platforms, for women by women

Femfood is power-driven by inspiring women in an industry of women developing solutions for women. We'll see more accelerated changes in the femcare landscape, with women's health gaining the traction it deserves in these times. 

These developments are being driven by choice in women's health, rapidly enriching women's decision-making power. This trend will bring about more unique tailored femcare products for women, offering improved health outcomes with more convenience and greater reassurance.

Soon at our disposal, we'll have many new tools and perspectives with endless possibilities; women empowered to take more control of their own bodies and livelihoods as a brave new world of wellness is taking shape.

How femfood is poised to empower the conversation around women's health

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